Slideshow Pricing

"Basic" Slideshow Package 

 Package Includes:
  • Up to 60 Pictures
  • Up to 2 Songs
  • 1 DVD
  • 5 Title Slides
  • Introduction and Conclusion Slides


"Silver" Slideshow Package 

 Package Includes:
  • Up to 100 Pictures
  • Up to 3 Songs
  • 1 DVD
  • 5 Title Slides
  • Introduction and Conclusion Slides


"Gold" Slideshow Package 

 Package Includes:
  • Up to 150 Pictures
  • Up to 5 Songs
  • 1 DVD
  • 5 Title Slides
  • 5 Captions
  • Introduction and Conclusion Slides


"Platinum" Slideshow Package 

 Package Includes:
  • Up to 200 Pictures
  • Up to 7 Songs
  • 2 DVDs
  • 5 Title Slides
  • 10 Captions
  • Introduction and Conclusion Slides


Additional Songs

Need just one more song to show off some extra pictures?  No problem - we can add one in for you.  (This fee does not cover the purchase of music, if you are purchasing music online)

 $10 each

Additional Pictures

Have a few more pictures that you would like to include in your slide show?  We can add those too.  Be sure you have enough song time to add the pictures you want.

 $3 each

Additional DVD Copies

Extra DVDs make fantastic gift items!

 $25 each

Additional Title Slides

Great for slideshow organization

 $3 each

DVD Gift Wrapping

We’ll be happy to wrap your extra copies of DVD’s or VHS Tapes.  Let us know what style of paper you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

 $6 each

Music Purchase

Don’t have a licensed copy of the song(s) you want in your video?  We can purchase most any song you need through reputable online retailers such as iTunes or Rhapsody.  Just let us know what song you want, the artist, the album, and any other information for special song versions. 

(Note: We do not accept digital media except that which we purchase and download on your behalf at your request.  Any music sent to us must be an original copy you own.)

 $1 each

DVD Scene Selection Menu

Rather than just hit play, why not have professional looking menus coordinated with your video’s theme?  Each scene selection will be determined by the title slides you include in your video.


Slideshow Credits

Slideshows credits are a great way to highlight people in your video slideshow.  Show off your family.  Show off your wedding party.  These are not your typical rolling credits.  These are pictures, text, and effects used with the background of your theme.


Personal Message/Tribute

If you have a tribute, a message of thanks, or maybe even a poem you want to share, a personal message at the end of your video is just the thing for you.  You select the text.  You select the animation style (e.g. rolling, flashing, “Star Wars” style credits).  We do the rest.


Photo Enhancement

Even if we don’t scan your photos, we will be happy to touch them up for you.  Each photo in enhanced by straightening, cropping unnecessary borders, and color correction.  Your video slideshow is a treasure and only the best quality possible pictures should be in your video.

 $10 per batch of 25

Photo Scanning

Have some old photographs that you’ll need scanned?  Just let us know and we can scan them for your video.  We’ll even touch them up for you as well.


(Note: we strongly encourage our customers to scan their own pictures or have them scanned by a local photo store.  While pictures can be insured when routed via a parcel courier, if they are lost or damaged, they can never be replaced)

 $1 per photo

Additional Captions

Adding Captions can help when the message/emotion you want to convey doesn’t happen with just the picture alone.

 $2 per caption

Video Footage

Still pictures make great slideshows when you have quality effects and quality pictures.  But adding video footage can really make a slideshow come to life by adding character to any and all subjects.  Just tell us what the timings are on your tape or digital video, and we’ll get it in there.  We currently accept MiniDV, DVD, VCD, SVCD, .avi and .mpeg formats.

 $20 per 30 seconds

Standard Shipping

This is normal ground shipping available through FedEx, UPS, or DHL.  If your mail goes through an APO, please let us know in advance.


Overnight Shipping

If you can’t wait for your slideshow to arrive, we can overnight your video once it’s complete.  We use FedEx exclusively for shipping overnight.


Expedited Service

We can get your slideshow to you in a jiffy.  Our expedited service promises to have your online viewing sample ready within 3 days of the receipt of your order.  Overnight shipping not included.  We will not ship you a DVD or VHS tape for previewing with this option.  You must either be able to view the video online for preview, or accept the video without preview.

20% of package cost


Wedding Slideshows

Wedding Video Samples


Wedding videos tell a story of where two people came from and who they are now.  Our samples show the use of special effects as well as additional features like credits or messages of thanks.

 See the samples


Birthday Slideshows

Birthday Video Samples


Our birthday videos provide examples of how pictures, video, and special effects can create a true birthday treasure!  View our slideshow samples to see how we can turn a great birthday into a spectacular birthday

 See the samples

Anniversary Slideshows

Anniversary Video Samples


Anniversary videos evoke emotion and show the lives of two people being one over the years.  Milestone anniversaries always have lots of memories on film to be relived and rejuvenated.

 See the samples

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Getting Started


Getting your video started is easy.  Get your photos together, determine your music, and decide on a slideshow theme.


Ordering your video

Placing your video order takes very little time.  Organize your slideshow material, fill out the order form, and ship everything to us.


Music Suggestions


Having trouble finding the rights songs for your video?  Check out our Music Suggestions to help you make the right decisions